PromoLife Ozone Generators, Ozonated Oils, ozone glassware Ozone Genrerators, ozone saunas, Ozonated Oils, ozone equipment. and equipement.

Promolife was created over a decade ago by Gerry and Yvonne Segal on a shoestring budget in their home attic, with one guiding principle: to offer their customers quality products, service and education to support a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet. With so many people struggling to improve their health, Gerry and Yvonne wanted to expose people to non-toxic, drug-free alternatives to gain wellness without dangerous side effects.

They came upon their passion by necessity. Each suffered from a number of ailments caused by poor diets, too many antibiotics and environmental toxins. After researching and practicing natural methods, they began to see improvements in their health. Their passion for healing has only grown since.

Sticking to the dream, Promolife has grown from a handful of products to over 1200, and boasts a dedicated staff and a larger catalog. They now operate in a beautiful office and warehouse built specifically for Promolife.

Co Name
3656 South Deadhorse Mountain Road, Fayetteville, 72701, Arkansas, USA
888-742-3404 or 470-442-3404