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25 Victoria Parade, Collingwood, , , , 3066

Aqua Zen Health Centre is lead by the certified colon therapist Mr Andrew Matheson. Having completed training initially in Florida with Helen Wood and later in Manhattan at Chakra17 with Gil Jacobs, who is recognised as being one of the leaders in the ...

Co NameAqua Zen Health Centre
Telephone61 3 94161616

167 Collins St, , , , 3000

The integration of conventional complementary therapies with emotional and spiritual counseling, along with their emphasis on the practitioner-patient relationship are the principle reasons why more than 4,000 patients from many nations have come for t ...

Co NameSmile Australia
TelephoneInternational 613 9639 6090

232 Napper Road, , ,

Hydrogen peroxide therapy, Ozone, Chelation therapy and much more

Co NameThe Fountain of Life Clinic
Telephone(07) 5563 2682

Wienerstrasse 24, , , , A-2620

Ionisierte Sauerstoff therapi Oxygen Therapies

Co NameClinic Dr. Friedrich Humhal
Telephone02635 62350
Fax02635 623504

Neerstraat 17, , , , B-3980

Master degree in Insurance Medicine (Medical Expertise)  Master degree in Occupational Medicine


Suite 221, 9148 - 23 Ave, , , , T6N 1H9

Green Apple Health Care Ltd. we offer a full and complete range of natural and psychological therapies and programs for all health needs. Green Apple Health Care treat a wide variety of health conditions from colds and flu's to the most advanced ...

Co NameGreen Apple Health Care

6918-77 Street, , , , T6E 6V2

At Select Health Centre we seek to restore and maintain optimum health in our patients. Our doctor's individualized approach to each our patient's integral whole (physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle ...

Co NameSelect Health Centre

10303 65 Ave., , , , T6E1W9

If you are suffering from a health condition or disease, we believe that it is your right to have available to you all procedures which may be beneficial to your healing process. This is why we are pleased to offer several tests and treatments that are ...

Co NameHealthWorks

120-12011 2nd Ave, , , , V7E 3L6

Our clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality naturopathic primary medical care.  We serve patients locally from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey - the entire lower mainland. Our furthest patients are from Arizona and New Zealand.  Na ...

Co NamePangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine
Telephone(604) 275-0163
Fax(604) 677-5910

Dr. Tawnya Ward

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120-12011 2nd Ave, , , , V7E 3L6

Our clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality naturopathic primary medical care.  We serve patients locally from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey - the entire lower mainland. Our furthest patients are from Arizona and New Zealand.  Na ...

Co NamePangaea Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine
Telephone(604) 275-0163
Fax(604) 677-5910

Dr. Kathy Graham

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1283 Main Street, Box 3579, , , , V0J 2N0

Dr. Graham facilitates wellness using the following methods: clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, detoxification programs, chelation, intravenous (IV) therapies, Vega testing, lab testing, hormone salivary testing, allergy testing, lifestyl ...

Co NameDr. Kathy Graham

150 - 7340 Westminster Hwy, , , , V6X 1A1

Dr. Kwok tailors the treatment specifically for each patient according to his/her condition and constitution. He may use one or combine several ofthe following treatment modalities: Nutritional Medicine/Supplementation, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medi ...

Co NameRichmond Alternative Medical Clinic
Dr. Michael Lederman, LLB, ND

212-3195 Granville Street, , , , V6H 3K2

Dr. Lederman offers many therapeutic treatments including: Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy, Mesotherapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Co NameSouth Granville Naturopathic Clinic LTD

Dr. Tobi Lin ND

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Dr. Tobi Lin ND

2298 Newport Ave., , , , V5P 2J2

Dr. Tobi Lin is a licensed naturopathic physician with additional board certifications in Acupuncture, Intravenous Therapy, Ozone & other Oxidative Therapies, Prolozone, Chelation Therapy and Biotherapeutic Pain Management.  She has a general ...

Co NameFraserview Naturopathic Clinic

Dr. Rod Santos

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Dr. Rod Santos

4071 Kingsway Ave, , , , V6H 1Y9

Central Park Naturopathic Clinic (CPNC), is a complementary, naturopathic medical center located in Burnaby, B.C. Providing high-quality naturopathic primary medical care is our number one priority. We provide modern Naturopathic Medical Care to treat ...

Co NameCentral Park Naturopathic Clinic
Dr. Lorne Swetlikoff, ND

1451 Columbia Avenue, , , , V1N 1H8

My clinic is a unique, state of the art, full service naturopathic medical clinic, offering individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages, and with all medical conditions. The emphasis is on treating the cause of disease, not merely the sy ...

Co NameVancouver Naturopathic Clinic

701 Lakeside Drive, , , , V1L 6G3

Ozone Sauna Hyperthermic Chamber

Co NameShalimar Health Spa

578 Broadway, , , , R3C 0W5

The Centre for Natural Pain Solutions is an interdisciplinary pain centre providing assessment and management of pain for patients seeking a natural approach. We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neck and back pain, muscle and joint pain as well ...

Co NameNaturopathic Doctor Centre For Natural pain Solutions
Telephone(204) 775-4539
Fax(204) 774-1732

Dr. Fred Hui

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Dr. Fred Hui

421 Bloor Street East, Suite 202, , , , M4W 3T1

Dr. Fred Hui provides an Integrative medicine practice, allopathicmedicine, hydrogen peroxide intravenously, naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbaland acupuncture joint manipulation.

Co NameIntegrative Medicine
Fax(416) 920-4204

30 Sword Street, , , , M5A 3N2

Specialty: Orthomolecular nutrition, collateral biological dental support, Biological Medicine (trained in Germany), Heavy Metal Detoxification, Neuroendocrinology, Oxygen Therapies, Neuraltherapy.

Co NameCanadian Centre for Integrated Health Studies Inc.
Dr. Michael Prytula

296 Welland Avenue, , , , L2R 7L9

Dr. Michael A. Prytula provides a wide range of treatments and services, using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technology. At our mission is to provide the structure for the healing of patients, by optimizing their ...

Co NameNaturoMedic
Fax(905) 684-1849

Dr. Lamberto Re

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Dr. Lamberto Re

Via Fazioli 22, , , , 60021

Medinat SRLA Clinic for Beauty & Pain located in the Marche Region of Italy. Natural Medicine & Ozone Therapy Medinat S.r.L represents the best project deriving from more than three decades of academic and clinical research in the field of Pha ...

Co NameMedinat SRL

Via Italia n° 20, , , , 20039

Providing: 02 03 , ozone therapy, EDTA chelation therapy, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy , Autohemotherapy Ozone treatment, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Co NamePolispecialist Medical Center
Telephone0362 582945
Dr. Antonio Gomez Yepes

Antiguo Jardin Lecuona Guerro #4, , , , 91634

In metabolic therapy, spontaneous healing is promoted. This healing occurs when the body-or more correctly, the Self - naturally recognized their deficiencies or diseases and acts spontaneously to correct those deficiencies. En la medicina biológica s ...

Co NameTerapias Metabólicas
Telephone52 228 8111861
Dr Joseph Will and Dr Luis Suárez

10 Bis Entre 20 y 25 Avenidas, , , , 77710

Sanar Integrative Medicine Clinic is a private proffesional firm located in Playa del Carmen in the heart of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We offer a broad spectrum of services, mainly in the fields of health care and environmental consulting. In ou ...

Co NameSANAR Integrative Medicine Clinic
Telephone984-803-2039 or 984-135-0492
Dr. Curt Maxwell,and Dr Galvin

296 Ave.A, , ,

Dr Curt Maxwell is a New Zealander, U.S. and Canadian trained, practicing in Mexico since 1993 with more than 30 years experience in the treatment of Pain, Dysfunction and Health Restoration. He has Degrees/Diplomas in Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition ...

Co NameMaxwell-Galvan Medical and Dental
Telephone(928) 257-4873
Dr Juan Alberto Bellido Soriano, MD

Avenue Carlos Gonzales 280A, , ,

Offering: Prolozone, Ozone Therapies; Minor Autohemotherapy, Rectal Insufflation,  Autohemotherapy: Autotransfusion of 100 to 200 cc of blood ozonated Autohemotherapy minor: Venous Blood of the patient, ozonisa and is injected intramuscularly ( ...

Co NameOzonomedicar
Telephone348-2023 / 464-5424

Dr. Osvaldo Font

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117 Eleonor Rosevelt St, , , , 00918

Esta ubicado en el corazón de Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Es un centro especializado en el diagnóstico, rehabilitación y técnicas avanzadas para el manejo y control del dolor, en condiciones que van directamente ligadas al sistema nervioso central ...

Co NameCentro de Diagnostico, rehabilitacion y Control de Dolo...

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