Ozone for Pneumonia

Authority: E. W. Riesbeck, M.E.
Consulting Engineer,
Subject: OZONE - for Pneumonia

Let me quote a few cases on record:

Case No. 1.
"October 15. Pneumonia and Asthma patient 72 years old was transmitted to the hospital by ambulance. Temp. 105.2, pulse and respiration way above normal at arrival. The case was desperate and the doctor decided to place the patient in the air conditioned OZONE ROOM. During the next 6 days, temperature, pulse and respiration dropped gradually so that on Oct. 21, the temp. was 97.4, pulse 70, and respiration 23. Patient was discharged from Hospital, October 25.

Case No. 2.
"Patient admitted to the hospital Feb. 3, suffering from DOUBLE PNEUMONIA and placed in a private room. Feb. 5, his temp. reached 105.6, pulse 128, respiration 50. This desperate case was transferred Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. to the air conditioned OZONE ROOM. Within ONE hour, temp., pulse and respiration began to drop and the patient walked OUT OF THE HOSPITAL on February 14. Case No. 3.
"A double pneumonia case became critical on July 1, at 7:30 p.m. when his temp. reached 103.8. pulse 140, respiration 58. Within 45 minutes after he was transferred to the air conditioned OZONE ROOM, his temp. and respiration began to drop rapidly. On July 7, his temp. was 98.6, pulse and respiration normal. Patient was discharged from hospital, July 12.

These are just a few cases which prove the power of OZONE used in conjunction with properly conditioned air to be of help to the medical profession.

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