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Advertising at O3 Medical Ozone's, ozone therapy Doctors and Clinic Directory is easy.  

You can have a Premium Listing, banner advertisement or editorials.

Standard and Premium Listing Examples:

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Standard Listing 2 Years = $140

Premium Listing 2 Years = $250 reduced to $200.

Email us for a listing 

Once you create your listing and it is approved  you will receive several emails and a payment link.

Make sure that you add this email to your approved email list [orders @].


  • Each participant receives a user name and password to be able to modify their listing.
  • Direct link to website
  • Emails from potential patients
  • Google Map of location (postal code required)
  • Receive Votes 
  • Receive and Approve Reviews
  • Receive reports

We do our best to maintain this directory of ozone clinics, ozone practitioners and ozone doctors. If you find that one of the listings is in error please contact us at [ozone @].

Featured Listings:  Get exposed more, Featured on each page of the Ozone Therapy Doctors and Clinics Directory are available for $250 for 2 years. 

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